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PU发泡轮 PU发泡轮 PU发泡轮 PU发泡轮
Product name : PU发泡轮
Product No. : 201932093852
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1. 14" PU foam wheel 3.50-8-4,

2. lightweight,heat-resisting and corrosion-resisting

3. no air-inflation

4. rim color:bule,red,yellow etc.

5. wheel color:bule,red,yellow,black etc

1, Providing our clients with professional services


2,   We are a factory ,for more than ten years development 

3, Timely delivery


 4, Have our own brand , and also we do OEM and make with our client brand.


5, First level equipments with united working team, various products mould can supply many models as you need


6,we have a factory for rubber wheel and the others for wheelbarrow;


7,Currently our model equipment and the tube blending machine etc are the most advanced;


8,All raw material of wheelbarrow is good quality,excatly thickness before processing;



9,processing procedure:tube blending--welding tube--pull polish--powder injection--assembly

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